Buy Taxidermy Mounts Online

Buy Taxidermy Mounts Online

Buy Taxidermy Mounts Online

Taxidermy is a way of preparing, stuffing and/or mounting an animal for display or study. It usually involves arranging an animal’s real skin over a fake body to make the animal look alive! It is a way of preserving the body so that scientists or museum visitors can see what the animal was like when it was alive.


Buy Global Taxidermy mounts

With 25 years of experience and training from world champion taxidermists, we take pride in turning your vision into your trophy.

Global Taxidermy

Welcomes you to a remarkable collection of mounts, rugs, skulls, antlers, fish, birds, and more! Please browse our collection of taxidermy mounts.

Also Every piece has been reviewed by a certified taxidermist with years of experience and given a grade dictated by quality and trophy score.

If you are in search of that massive elk for the cabin, bear rug in front of the fire place, conversational center piece, or that statement piece for your restaurant, office or waiting room, we are here to help!

At Global Taxidermy we are committed to the utmost quality. This is why we encourage everyone to buy taxidermy mounts online from our website.


From small to large mammal taxidermy we do it all. Also We are known for creating some of the highest quality taxidermy mounts and trophy room would be happy to include. We go to great lengths to ensure that even the smallest detail is life-like, and an authentic depiction of an animal’s nature. Black Bear Taxidermy The Black Bear, scientifically named the “Ursus Americanus” is easily one of the most desirable and sought after big game mammals in North America. Also We take pride in mounting this fierce and awe-inspiring animal. That being said, the Black Bear is one of the most popular big game mounts here at Global Taxidermy. Whitetail Deer Taxidermy Also The Whitetail Deer is the most popular and hunted trophy game ever. It is also the mammal mount we do here the most at Global Taxidermy. Lynx Taxidermy An incredibly rare animal to mount, the Lynx is an illusive taxidermy mount to find. Also Over the years, Global Taxidermy has had the pleasure of working with this special animal to create some of the most impressive mounts we’ve ever done.

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