African Grey Crowned Crane Full Body Bird Taxidermy




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    15 lbs



African Grey Crowned Crane Full Body Bird Taxidermy

This is a beautiful captive-bred Grey Crowned Crane taxidermy bird mount, posed standing on a custom  habitat walnut base and looking slightly to its left side. The feather and plumage quality on this piece is incredible, highlighting the great “crown” and masterful craftsmanship. The beautiful, vibrant colors also help this Crane earn our prestigious World Class™ overall quality rating. All applicable dimensions are included to help ensure this item will fit within your intended display space.

– Great for a mantle, shelf, ledge, table, or countertop.

– Best Grey-Crowned Crane we have had.

About Crowned Crane

Scientific Name:Balearica regulorum

The grey crowned crane is about 1 m (3.3 ft) tall, weighs 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs), and has a wingspan of 2 m (6.5 ft). Its body plumage is mainly grey. The wings are predominantly white, but contain feathers with a range of colours, with a distinctive black patch at the very top. The head has a crown of stiff golden feathers. The sides of the face are white, and there is a bright red inflatable throat pouch. The bill is relatively short and grey, and the legs are black. They have long legs for wading through the grasses. The feet are large, yet slender, adapted for balance rather than defence or grasping. The sexes are similar, although males tend to be slightly larger. Young birds are greyer than adults, with a feathered buff face.

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