Alaskan Inland Grizzly Bear Taxidermy Mount For Sale




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  • Weight:

    200 lbs

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Alaskan Inland Grizzly Bear Taxidermy Mount For Sale

This is a stunning life-size Inland Grizzly Bear taxidermy mount for sale, posed in a running position on a custom habitat base and looking out into the room. This bear features incredibly thick hair and soft fur, REAL claws, custom habitat, and a choice of five separate wood/finish options for the base of the mount.  All these features combine with masterful taxidermy craftsmanship to earn our World Class overall quality rating. All applicable dimensions are included to help ensure this item will fit within your intended display space.

– For the Inland Grizzly subspecies of Brown Bear, this bear is truly MASSIVE.

– This bear measures 52″ from its front heels to the top of its lower back. On the base, this piece has an overall height is 64″.

– Great for a floor, mezzanine, or entryway.

About Grizzly Bear

Scientific Name: Ursus arctos horribilis

The Alaska Peninsula brown bear or “peninsular grizzly” is a colloquial nomenclature for a brown bear that lives in the coastal regions of southern Alaska, although according to other sources, it is a population of the mainland grizzly bear subspecies (Ursus arctos horribilis),or the Kodiak bear subspecies (U. a. middendorffi).

Alaska Peninsula brown bears are very large, usually ranging in weight from 800 to 1,200 lb (360 to 540 kg). They are found in high densities along the southern Alaskan coast, not only due to the large amount of clams and sedge grass but also to the annual salmon runs; this allows them to attain huge sizes, some of the biggest in the world. They may gather in large numbers at feeding sites, such as Brooks Falls and McNeil Falls, both in Katmai National Park near King Salmon. Biologists maintain that coastal ones are truly brown bears. However, it is considered correct to place all North American members of U. arctos in the subspecies horribilis except the giant Kodiak bears of Kodiak Island. To avoid confusion, many simply refer to all North American members, including Kodiaks, as “brown bears.”

Prized by hunters for their skulls and hides, up to 500 of Alaska’s 1,500 brown bears killed yearly by hunters come from the Alaska Peninsula. To hunt this large bear, hunters must follow a variety of regulations, including bear bag limits, hunting fees and proper rifles

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