Texas Longhorn Shoulder Mount Taxidermy for sale

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  • Depth:


  • Height:


  • Width:


  • Weight:

    40 lbs

  • Horn/Antler Length (L):

    33 0/8″

  • Horn/Antler Length (R):

    33 0/8″

  • Base Circumference (R):

    9 6/8″

  • Base Circumference (L):

    9 6/8″

  • Tip to Tip Spread:




Texas Longhorn Shoulder Mount Taxidermy for sale

This is a fantastic Texas Longhorn mount for sale, posed in an upright position, looking straight out into the room. The hide and beautiful  hair are in fantastic condition, and the terrific horns measure 67″ in total width. All of this, combined with good quality taxidermy craftsmanship, earn this item our Excellent Plus™ overall quality rating. All applicable dimensions are included to help ensure this item will fit within your intended display space.

– There is a hanger already attached to the back of this item.

– It will hang on single properly anchored large headed bolt placed into a stud.

– Detachable horns for easy moving!

About Texas Longhorn Steer

Scientific Name: Bos primigenius

The Longhorn was fashioned entirely by nature in North America.

Stemming from ancestors that were the first cattle to set foot on American soil almost 500 years ago, it became the sound end product of “survival of the fittest”.

Shaped by a combination of natural selection and adaptation to the environment, the Longhorn is the only cattle breed in America which – without aid from man – is truly adapted to America. In his book The Longhorns, J. Frank Dobie states this situation well.

The horns are in some cases very long. In general, the horns of bulls are of moderate length, while those of steers may be much longer.  In 2022 the Guinness Book of Records reported the longest spread of cattle horns (on a living animal) to be: 323.7 cm (127.4 in) for a steer called Poncho Via; 265.1 cm (104.4 in) for a cow named 3S Danica; and 262.5 cm (103.3 in) for a bull named Cowboy Tuff Chex. All three were Texas Longhorns.

It does not take eight to ten years for Longhorns to reach their maximum weight and they are by no means slow to mature.

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  1. Don M.

    There are artists and there are taxidermists, but are very few who have both skills. The fine folks at Global Taxidermy Mounts are the exception to the rule. Beautiful work, professional service, and family operated. I have hunted all over the world, and I only trust B&B with the preservation of my memories.

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