Whitetail Deer Shoulder Floor Pedestal Taxidermy Mount For Sale


Weight:60 lbs
Main Beam Length (L):23 3/8″
Main Beam Length (R):21 5/8″
G1/T1 Tine (L):7 1/8″
G1/T1 Tine (R):5 2/8″
G2/T2 Tine (L):10 7/8″
G2/T2 Tine (R):9 7/8″
G3/T3 Tine (L):9 3/8″
G3/T3 Tine (R):7 4/8″
G4/T4 Tine (L):7 3/8″
G4/T4 Tine (R):6 2/8″
G5/T5 Tine (L):5 1/8″
G5/T5 Tine (R):4 2/8″
Abnormal Point 1 (L):3 5/8″
Abnormal Point 1 (R):1 7/8″
Abnormal Point 2 (L):1 5/8″
Abnormal Point 2 (R):5 2/8″
Abnormal Point 3 (L):4 3/8″
Abnormal Point 3 (R):5 6/8″
Abnormal Point 4 (L):3 1/8″
Abnormal Point 4 (R):3 1/8″
Abnormal Point 5 (R):8 7/8″
Abnormal Point 5 (R):3 3/8″
Abnormal Point 6 (L):2 0/8″
Abnormal Point 6 (R):7 3/8″
Abnormal Point 7 (L):2 4/8″
Abnormal Point 7 (R):7 2/8″
Abnormal Point 8 (R):5 0/8″
H1/C1 Circum. (L):5 4/8″
H1/C1 Circum. (R):5 4/8″
H2/C2 Circum. (L):5 7/8″
H2/C2 Circum. (R):5 1/8″
H3/C3 Circum. (L):4 5/8″
H3/C3 Circum. (R):5 3/8″
H4/C4 Circum. (L):4 5/8″
H4/C4 Circum. (R):5 3/8″
Outside Spread:24 3/8″
Inside Spread:22 1/8″
Tip to Tip Spread:21 0/8″
Total Points:27
Gross Score (Decimal):264.375″
SCI Score (Fractional):264 3/8″
B&C Score (Fractional):253 5/8″



Whitetail Deer Shoulder Floor Pedestal Taxidermy Mount For Sale

For sale, we have a gorgeous Whitetail Deer pedestal mounts, posed in an upright position looking out into the room. This pedestal is meant to sit directly on the ground and features faux habitat enhancements. This massive buck features incredible antlers with  12 total points, and an SCI Gold Medal score of 264 3/8″. This mount is perfect for the office, den, or living room. All of this, combined with the phenomenal taxidermy craftsmanship, helps this item earn our Premier Plus™ overall quality rating. All applicable measurements and dimensions are provided to help ensure this item will fit within your intended space, as well as meet expectations regarding the item’s featured attribute sizes, scores, etc.

– This Whitetail Deer exceeds the Safari Club International Gold Medal trophy book score requirement.

– Great for a floor, mezzanine, entryway, ledge, or shelf.

– This is a game farm whitetail deer.

– Additional Non-typical Points: R-9: 6 0/8″ R-10: 5 1/8″ R-11: 4 4/8″ R-12: 1 4/8″

About Whitetail Deer

Scientific Name: Odocoileus virginianus

In North America, the species is widely distributed east of the Rocky Mountains as well as in southwestern Arizona and most of Mexico, except Lower California. It is mostly displaced by the black-tailed or mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) from that point west except for mixed deciduous riparian corridors, river valley bottomlands, and lower foothills of the northern Rocky Mountain region from Wyoming west to eastern Washington and eastern Oregon and north to northeastern British Columbia and southern Yukon, including in the Montana valley and foothill grasslands

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